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Angels from the realms of glory,wing your flights o'er all the earth!

My interest in God's special messengers began several years before the current rage of angel mania. I began reading books about angels when I wanted to learn more about them. My husband got me a book by Billy Graham,"Angels", and from that my curious nature made me want to find out all I could about angels. Now I have nearly two dozen books on the subject.Collecting angels just seemed the natural thing to do after I'd read so much about them,so now I have way over a hundred angel figurines and collectables relating to angels!

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Throughout the Bible angels are mentioned,even throughout history. Some question the reality of their existence, but I feel very deeply that God has used these marvelous creatures to minister to me when there was no other explanation for how I was spared or guided through a difficult situation.God's mighty, guiding hand and the help of His angels has been a comfort and secure anchor when I most needed assurance that things would be alright.

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Urania Locke Bailey once wrote,"I want to be an angel,And with the angels stand,A crown upon my forehead,A harp within my hand." What a lovely image this forms in my mind! Imagine how peaceful that would be!