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We love 3rd grade! In our classroom we read a lot of good books. Our teacher has many different puppets, which are a lot of fun to play with. We enjoy putting on puppet shows! Our teacher's favorite puppet is her tiger. He goes to all the football games with her! She loves her South Panola Tigers! Multiplication facts are easier to learn when we sing along with our multiplication rap tape! We only get one recess this year, but we have p.e.,computer, music, and library too. Thanks for visiting our page. We hope to improve on it as time goes by. 3rd grade is just g-r-e-a-t! Enjoy exploring the sites our teacher has listed below, and let us know what you think about our site! e-mail: or our teacher's home e-mail: Have a SUPER, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL DAY, and stay in school! Our teacher also has a page especially for her fellow teacher friends to visit: All 4 Teachers so, teachers CHECK IT OUT! SMILE!
Remember Proverbs 17:17!


Our teacher wrote this poem to keep us motivated!

"Grade 3, the Place to Be"

Room 5 is the place to be!
It's one, busy room for children in grade three!
We write and edit stories; we work and play.
We learn new things every day.
We learn how to multiply, divide, and read,
'Cause we know good readers are the ones who succeed!
Our Accelerated Reader program helps our class soar;
We want to improve, so we can help our class score!
Like birds in flight we know we can fly,
'Cause anything is possible as long as we try!

site owned by Denise Benson
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G-R-E-A-T SITES FOR KIDS! Smile Awhile!

100 Hot Kids Sites
the best chosen just for kids
The Electronic Zoo
animals, animals, animals!
Stone Soup
magazine of stories, poems,art by kids for kids
Children's Literature Web Guide
Internet resources related to children's books
I Love Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!
facts about tigers, pictures, etc.
Dr. Math
grade-appropriate math activities
Blue Mountain Arts
free electronic greeting cards
customized maps for places all over the world
Holidays from Everywhere!
holiday activities
The Global Schoolhouse
all kinds of activities for children to explore
large collection of topics for school projects
Kids' Space
themes for children to create stories
Kids Web-World Wide Web Library for Kids
links arranged by subjects, references,games too
Sports Illustrated for Kids
interviews with sports heroes,games,etc.
NGS-WORLD Magazine
National Geographic Magazine for kids
Billy Bear Storybooks-Free Fun & Games Page
games sure to be winners!
Children's Playground
mazes, wordsearch puzzles,jigsaws,and more
International Tiger Information Center
tiger sounds, scratches, and growls!!!!
My Little House on the Prairie Home Page
about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her life
Games Kids Play
archive of some of the best kids'games ever!
4Kids Treehouse
web fun for kids!
The Flag of the United States of America
history and interesting trivia of our flag
Farm Fun Page
farm life,activities,animal sounds,info
Rachel's Page
Rachel's list of links to other kids' pages
The Petry Family Home Page
links to family pages from around the world
Heather's Happy Holidaze Page For Kids Only!
celebrating favorite holidays
Walt Disney World Home Page
everything you need to know about this place!
History Channel
history, contests,facts for reports
Welcome to Fox Kids
contests, games, internet tips,fun!!!!
super children's link!
Mississippi Official State Home Page
Mississippi history
State Symbols
Mississippi facts U.S. Senator Thad Cochran
I Believe in Angels!
Mrs. Benson's personal page
Hands and Hearts 4 HIM
another Mrs. Benson page!
Kids Hits
large alphabetical listing of sites designed for children
Golden Oldies Music
early rock n' roll to listen to and enjoy!
Angels Watching Over Me
my dear friend, Rita's site, worth viewing!!!!!!!!!
BigKid Network
museums,science,sports,zoos,amusement parks,fun and games
index of kids' sites, activities, cartoons, games
Puppet House
puppets for sale!
Family Planet Home Page
web magazine for families with kids 12 and under
all about Dr.Seuss and his books
Little Explorers
hotlinks to websites about each letter of the alphabet
Reading Rainbow
books, books, books!
for animal and nature lovers of all ages
Kids of the Web
large collection of links to kids'home pages around the world
super site,whole family will enjoy
Mrs. Benson's very short page!!!!!
My Hero
shows heroes as people in every walk of life
Cute Number Facts: About Today's Date
find info about the numbers in each calendar date
The Scoop
book reviews,activities,and links to more sites
single point entry to all zoos everywhere
Mrs. Benson's selected sites, especially for teachers!
Remember When Matt and Bev's Oldies Site
music of 50's,60's,and early 70's
Pammi's Music Page
Rock 'n Roll oldies arranged by artists!
flashcards drill, advanced problems, games
World Village
lots to see and do, a fun site!

Whew....I'm whupped after running through all those g-r-e-a-t sites! I especially enjoyed the tiger pages with the sounds! What did you like best? E-mail us, and let us know! We'd love to hear from you!