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This page is a collection of some of the poems I've written over the past ten years. My poetry is always written straight from the heart, depending upon the mood I'm in when I write each poem. Some are about friendship, while others are based on scriptures from the Bible. Others are about teaching, holidays, special family occasions, such as births, birthdays, and deaths. Also, some are about special events at church, at school, or "special requests" for a friend wanting an original poem for just about any reason. The Lord blessed me with this talent, and my friends have encouraged me to share my poems on this web page. Hope you enjoy reading them! I'd love for you to sign my guestbook, so I'll know which poem touches your heart the most. I'll add to this page often, because I write new poems as the need to express myself arises! Thanks for taking the time to read some of my poetry!

"Commit To Him"

Commit thy way unto the Lord,and to you He will show,
The pathway of righteousness on which you should go.
Trust also in Him, and He will not desert,
At times when you're lonely and feeling hurt.
Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
He'll protect all believers, yea,all of them!
He shall bring it to pass;He will not disappoint.
Those in His kingdom He will annoint.
When He returns He'll smile and say,
"I've come for you my faithful ones; it's Judgement Day!"Psalm 37:5-7

"Trust in Him"

The fear of man may cause a snare,
But God's people believe in His unfailing care.
Those who trust in Him will be protected.
Those who ignore Him will be rejected.
Fear separates those who don't acknowledge God;it sets them apart
From those who love the Lord with an unselfish heart!
Erase fear from your mind,
And let it be replaced with love for all mankind,
And God will continue to bless as only He can,
The trusting comrade, the fearless man!Proverbs 29:25

"The Power of Prayer"

Prayer is a mighty, invisible force.
Putting your trust in the Lord involves praying, of course.
When the problems we all encounter come our way,
It's important that we pause and take time to pray.
'Cause prayer is vital communication with the most holy one,
Our eternal Father, ours, and Jesus, His son.
When we turn our burdens over to Him in prayer,
We'll never be ignored; he'll always be there.
He'll listen, not interrupt, not hurry us along.
He'll give us his answer; it won't be long.
If we accept the Father's will and not question His voice,
We'll realize He always makes the right choice.
Although we may not understand the "when" or the "why",
He'll give us comfort and acceptance of any situation as time goes by.
Prayer eases pain the way no medicine can.
It's the "miracle" cure that's part of God's plan.
When we pray for others' problems we're putting God to the test,
And we know the outcome will be what God deems best.
There's no need to constantly worry or wonder,
'Cause when the Lord hears our prayers He answers with a voice like thunder!
Yes, He is that mighty; He gets our attention.
There's no problem to Him that's too small to mention.
Prayer should be part of the daily armor we use.
With prayer as intercession we'll know what to choose.
The importance of prayer can not be stressed too much;
It's our link with God. It's what keeps us in touch.
Prayer is surely the most precious key
That unlocks all mysteries for you and for me.
So, use it daily to help you deal with all kinds of stress.
The Lord is the only one who'll know what's best.
Remember Jesus said,"I'll never leave or forsake you; I'll always be there."
When you think you're alone you're not. Just talk to Him in prayer. Matthew 21:22 and James 5:16

"Children Are Special"

All children are special in their own little ways.
Without children who would brighten our days?
Each little person has so much to share
With people who'll listen and show that they care!
Teachers have the greatest opportunity
To help boys and girls become all they can be.
With plenty of encouragement along the way,
These children will be productive one day.
They'll take our places as we retire;
They'll be ready for any employer to hire!
Children are "special"; their teachers are too.
Without the children, what would teachers do?

"Little Flowers"

Children are like little flowers.
They grow and thrive with nurturing showers.
Showers of smiles, love, and concern
Are the nutrients that encourage them to learn.
When taught to reach out and touch others as they grow tall,
They will become the most beautiful flowers of all,
Flowers that will form a colorful bouquet,
To be admired by their teachers day after day.
Children are a teacher's garden of flowers you see,
'Cause that's what my students are to me!

"Precious People"

Teachers are as precious as fourteen carat gold.
Teachers are good models for children, we're told.
Most children are willing to do what their teachers ask,
No matter how big or small the task.
Teachers know that children need lots of attention,
And teaching involves too much to mention!
Our jobs are endless; we're always busy.
Sometimes it's so mind-boggling we get into a tizzy!
We chose the teaching profession, because we're people who can share
The knowledge we have and the ability to care!
Next time you get frustrated and feeling kind of low,
Remember teachers are special people,"precious people" to know!

"Mississippi,My Home"

Mississippi, my home, state of my birth,
To me this place is heaven on earth!
A small town world is all I know,
But there's no other place I'd rather go.
Cities are fun to visit and see,
But Mississippi will always be home to me.
I may travel to places far away,
But in Mississippi my heart will always stay!
Mississippi, my home, you're a part of me.
Mississippi, my home forever you will be!

"It's Up To You"

You are responsible for the way you act.
Only you can change your behavior; that's a fact!
You can show others you're kind and good,
And do all the right things you know you should.
You can also be rude and bad,
But if that's what you choose, that's really sad.
You only have one life to live on this earth,
So you must decide just what it's worth.
Remember, you are responsible for what you say and do.
Your words and your actions reflect the "true" you!

"Memories of a Mission"

Destination North Dakota, July '93,
Standing Rock Indian Reservation was the place to be.
Smiling children came eagerly each day
To learn about Jesus, to sing and play.
Our host family, the Tigers, Wanda and Bill
Welcomed us to Fort Yates, at the foot of Boot Hill.
We shared the Gospel as best we could.
We asked the Lord to guide us, never doubting He would.
When Vacation Bible School was over, and we boarded the bus to leave
Goodbyes were tearful; we tried not to grieve.
Some of us will keep in touch, because we care,
Hoping one day to return to our new friends there.
Etched in our minds eternally
Are smiling, Indian children from Mission '93.
The seeds have been planted; future fruits we hope to see.
Those beautiful Indian children certainly meant a lot to me!

"A Tiger Tale"

The whole town was buzzing 'bout the latest "tiger tale"
And oh, what a story the team and its fans had to tell!
December 3rd turned out to be a memorable day
As our Tigers went to Jackson to prove they could play!
Most of the town decided to go too,
And if you weren't there I feel sorry for you.
As usual the fans were loud,
But excitement is characteristic of this loyal crowd!
The Tigers never once lost their steam;
They wanted to claim the title,"State Champs," for their team.
The "game of the century" some called this sporting event,
And as the clock ticked down the opponent's energy was spent.
The mighty Tigers scored again and then again
To prove they were the best team in the land!
Our Tigers did it! Our Tigers roared!
The crowd went berserk each time they scored!
The Year of the Tigers, 1993,
How sweet it was, the taste of victory!

"Angels Unaware"

Do you believe in "angels unaware?"
I believe angels are everywhere.
They're God's special messengers sent to watch and protect all.
They appear when needed; they're always on call.
In times of trouble, in times of fear
I feel the presence of angels near.
Some people scoff and tease
But I've felt their closeness when down on my knees.
In the Bible they're mentioned in the Old Testament and the New,
So believe in angels? I certainly do!
Angels through the ages have proved their worth.
They've even announced the Savior's birth!
At times when I've felt I just couldn't cope
An angel of mercy has given me hope.
You see, angels are real, as real as can be.
In the forms of friends they're special to me!
This poem is based on the scriptures:Luke 2: 10-11 and Hebrews 13:2