"For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11

The picture above is me showing off my roses I received on my 25th wedding anniversary, Dec. 7, 1999! As you can see by the smile on my face, I was thrilled!

Please be patient as all my beautiful graphics take time to load! I think you'll enjoy what you see!


Welcome to my page! This page is dedicated to HIM, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I am nothing. With Him, I'm everything! The Lord has blessed me with several talents, and to Him I give the glory! "To God be the glory; great things He hath done." For that, I'm grateful, because He gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow! The name for this page came from the puppets I use in my classroom as an elementary teacher! With my puppets I can communicate what's in my heart with my hands! The children are motivated by the puppets, and when children are motivated you can get them to do almost anything! Music is an integral part of my life; I can't imagine being without the joy listening to music brings. As far back as I can remember music has been a "love" of my life! Music brings out the best in people, and it's a valuable tool for working with children! By opening up our hearts to others we can be the kind of witnesses
we are supposed to be. Thanks for visiting my page. If you're not too busy check out my recommended links too! Have a wonderful day! Do your best for HIM by being a good example! Would love to hear from you at either of my e-mail addresses:


P.S. If you enjoy visiting some of the links on this page (which will take awhile) then visit my other Christian page! You'll find it in the table on down the page! There are lots of pretty graphics there too! You can click on that box when you see my table on down the page!

The beautiful scripture-based graphic above was created by a sweet friend, Julie, who is very creative and designs her own graphics here in the small town where we live! Thanks for adding a special touch to my webpage, Julie!

The Friendship and Fun group I'm a member of sponsored the scavenger hunt in early June '99, and it was a lot of fun! I was thrilled to tie for 1st place!

Association of Christian Web Authors

The button above was designed by a friend, Janet, who has started a group called the " I believe in Jesus" group on the internet! Thanks, Janet, for this ministry!

Charlotte, a lady in Tennessee, created and sent this gift to me to add another bright spot to my page! Thanks, Charlotte, for the beautiful gift and your gift of friendship!

The Anointed Christian Links banner below will take you to many inspiring pages designed by fellow believers! The pages are arranged alphabetically, and HandsandHearts4HIM is proud to be listed with this fine group! Visit, and you will be glad you did! You will receive many blessings!

click here for Anointed Christian Links-
each with a jar of anointing oil

If you'd rather visit my other pages before exploring the links, scroll to the bottom of this page where you'll see a table. There's a lot more to see, and you'll find out a lot more about me. My "other" pages are linked there! My prayer is that you'll see something that touches your heart the way the Lord Jesus Christ has touched mine! Please sign my guestbook too! I'd love to hear from you!


"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8

PrayerWarriors4God is a large group of friends who've formed an intercessory prayer group over the internet! If you have a special prayer request just click on the graphic above, and it will take you to our site! We know prayer changes things!

If you would like a personalized snowglobe for your homepage,visit Suzie's site! She'd love to make one for you too! http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/4662/Angel.html>

A few years ago I lost a good friend, Dewey, due to a brain tumor, and this was a scripture special to him. "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Phil. 1:21 Dewey accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior not long before his terminal illness was discovered, and although he suffered greatly before his passing he mentioned this scripture often. Dewey is now at peace, free of pain in a beautiful heaven we look forward to seeing one day too. I thank God for leading Dewey to the Lord and blessing my life with his courage and friendship!

Random Acts Of Kindness

The Random Acts of Kindness group would love for you to visit their site, so please click on the name of the group. You will be taken to this wonderful site immediately!

I have a lot of fun visiting other people's web pages, and I've learned a lot about designing web pages from studying the beautiful pages that are out there just waiting to be shared with all who enjoy the computer as much as I do! I can honestly say that a few years ago I never thought I'd get interested in this "toy", but once I did there's been no turning back! I've made a lot of long-distance friends, who I may never meet on this earth, but one day we will meet, just as Jesus promised, right?

The above recipe should be easy to follow! In fact, it's guaranteed to please all who try it!

The Garden House is a large group of ladies who share the bond of friendship and their web pages with all who visit them! Take a little trip to The Garden House,and you'll want to go back time after time!

Daremore Quotes

Sweet little angel full of love reminds me of Mama, who passed from this life on July 18, 1982. Lung cancer claimed my mother's life at the young age of 48. Mama, we know you are looking down from heaven above! We still miss you so much! You will always live in our hearts! While you were here on this earth you gave so much of yourself for others. Your children and grandchildren are now trying to carry on your example! Many people remember all the things you did to help our little town become what it is today! You were then and still are known today as " our Renaissance lady! You will never be forgotten!

My 1st Award

My first award was made by Rita, a close friend, who is always there for me, through the happy times and the sad times as well. I am so blessed to have this friend play a special part in my life each day! She is my most faithful prayer partner! Thank-you, Rita! You light up my life!

Those who practice "random acts of kindness" are being the kind of examples Christ wants us to be!

Denise's Heartfelt Links: Proverbs 17:17 Enjoy!

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Peggie's Place
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The Cyber Hymnal
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Baptist Sunday School Board
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Debbie's Only Blessings
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Angels Watching Over Me
my dear friend, Rita's, beautiful site!

Annie's Homepage
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Joyful Noise
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Christian Quote of the Day
a daily dose of the scriptures!

Olive Branch
religious kids corner, family site, Bible trivia, etc.

Professor Pocket's Place
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Random Church Humor
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The Humor Archive
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The Bible Gateway
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Rita's Collection
beautifully created and organized Christian site!

another Christian search engine

a new beginning, check it out!

In The Beginning
over 5300 Christian linksfrom this site! WOW!

All In One Christian Index
another good search engine

Isaiah 58
really neat site!

Contemporary Christian Music MIDI Site
lots of uplifting music, music to anyone's ears!

wealth of sites for teachers!

Fishers of Children
for Christian teachers, devotions,ministry links

search engine, many categories, including denominations

Sassy's Place for Kids
Bible verses,games, stories

Kids To Kids Bible Understanding
test your knowledge of Jesus and his teachings

World Wide Christian Web
yet another Christian search engine

Helene's Heartland Home
a very moving, heart-wrenching page,must view!

Sunshine's Corner
many links for the Christian woman!

site for adult children who've lost their mothers

Gloria's Southern Gospel Page
sites for many Southern Gospel groups!!!!!!!!!



Are there anymore Web-a-Holics out there? Let me hear from you! My family thinks I spend way too much time on this computer!

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

3rd Grade Teachers My 1st Page
Friendship Christian Grandma's Memory
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Poetry Cats Friends4Always
Webrings Awards About Me

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